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  • Envelopes 60lb Uncoated


    Envelopes 60lb Uncoated

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    Envelopes made from 60lb uncoated paper are a versatile and durable choice for various mailing needs. With a sturdy 60-pound paper weight, these envelopes are designed to withstand handling and transit without easily tearing or getting damaged. The uncoated finish provides a clean, professional look and allows for easy writing or printing on the surface, making them ideal for addressing, adding custom labels, or personalizing with logos and designs.

    These envelopes are suitable for both personal and professional use, such as sending invitations, business correspondence, or promotional materials. The uncoated paper absorbs ink well, preventing smudging and ensuring that printed or handwritten information remains clear and legible.

    Here are some key features and specifications of 60lb uncoated envelopes:

    Feature Description
    Paper Weight 60lb (pound)
    Finish Uncoated
    Appearance Clean, professional look
    Durability High; resists tearing and damage during transit
    Surface Easy to write on, suitable for printing
    Common Uses Personal and professional mail, invitations, business correspondence, etc.
    Ink Absorption Good; prevents smudging and ensures clear, legible information
    Customization Can be easily personalized with logos, designs, and labels
    Security Features Not opaque (basic privacy, but not secure for sensitive information)
    Sealing Mechanism Usually gummed flap, peel-and-seal strips, or other secure closure options
    Environmental Impact Dependent on paper source and production process
    Size Availability Various sizes available to suit different mailing needs


    Overall, 60lb uncoated envelopes offer a practical and high-quality solution for all your mailing needs, combining durability, versatility, and a polished appearance.