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  • 11 X 17 Regular Brochures


    11 x 17 Regular Brochures Overview

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    11 x 17 Regular Brochures are a popular and versatile marketing tool that combines ample space with a professional layout, making them ideal for showcasing products, services, or information in a visually appealing way. These brochures, measuring 11 inches by 17 inches when unfolded, offer a larger canvas compared to standard-sized brochures, allowing for creative and impactful designs.

    Key Features:

    1. Size: 11 x 17 inches (unfolded) - provides a spacious canvas for detailed content and high-quality graphics.

    2. Orientation: Typically available in both landscape and portrait orientations, catering to different design preferences.

    3. Paper Quality: Printed on high-quality, durable paper stock to enhance the brochure's overall look and feel.

    4. Fold Options: Can be folded in various ways, such as bi-fold, tri-fold, or z-fold, allowing for multiple panels to organize content effectively.

    5. Design Flexibility: Ample space for images, charts, graphs, and text, providing designers the flexibility to create eye-catching layouts.

    6. Ideal for Presentations: Well-suited for business presentations, product showcases, and informational materials due to their larger size.

    7. Marketing Impact: The larger format helps brochures stand out, making them an effective marketing tool for events, trade shows, and promotional campaigns.

    8. Customization: Can be customized with different finishes, including glossy or matte, to enhance the visual appeal and durability.

    9. Target Audience: Perfect for industries such as real estate, tourism, hospitality, and any business looking to convey detailed information to its target audience.

    10. Print Options: Compatible with various printing techniques, including offset and digital printing, ensuring high-quality and vibrant prints.

    11. Distribution: Easy to distribute at events, storefronts, or through direct mail, providing a tangible and impactful way to engage with the audience.


    Feature Description
    Size 11 x 17 inches (unfolded)
    Orientation Landscape or Portrait
    Paper Quality High-quality and durable
    Fold Options Bi-fold, Tri-fold, Z-fold
    Design Flexibility Space for images, charts, graphs, and text
    Ideal for Business presentations, product showcases, informational materials
    Marketing Impact Stand out at events, trade shows, and promotional campaigns
    Customization Options for glossy or matte finishes
    Target Audience Real estate, tourism, hospitality, and businesses conveying detailed information
    Print Options Compatible with offset and digital printing techniques
    Distribution Suitable for events, storefronts, and direct mail


    11 x 17 Regular Brochures offer a powerful combination of size, design flexibility, and print quality, making them a valuable asset for businesses aiming to leave a lasting impression on their target audience.